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Driveway Painting or Staining

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Driveway and Patio Painting

Concrete being one of the most adaptable building materials available today. Concrete driveways are extremely strong and can handle the weight of heavy vehicles for decades without skipping a beat.

While asphalt driveways are often cheaper, concrete driveways are likely to last longer and require less maintenance.

Asphalt driveways are sometimes recommended in regions where freezing temperatures are common (due mostly to the fact that asphalt driveways are more flexible and less likely to crack because of frost heave); however, when properly installed, concrete driveways can hold up well under just about anything Mother Nature can dish out.

Driveways aren't the only place where concrete has proved useful! Today, concrete flooring is one of the most desirable materials on the market.

Concrete flooring is not only more durable than just about any other flooring material, when polished, stained, or stamped, it is also one of the most attractive. These techniques have taken concrete flooring out of garages and basements and into kitchens, hallways, living rooms, and bathrooms across the country. Concrete flooring can also be coated with epoxy (a technique used in many commercial garages and car dealership showrooms) to enhance appearance, make cleaning up spills easier, and to provide traction. Call us for your Driveway Painting or Staining


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